Last night, the low temperature was 78 degrees.  Humidity has been high, as well.  Lots of foraging going on, even though we need some rain.  Maybe tonight we will get a couple of thunderstorms.  Colony “C” has been gulping sugar syrup so quickly today!  So far today, or since 8:00 A.M., at any rate, they have consumed nearly a half a gallon of sugar syrup!  I’m going to refill the quart syrup feeder jar before nightfall but I’m just about sure the feeder will be empty by daylight tomorrow morning!  The young bees need a lot of sugar syrup, since they are building beeswax comb.  They consume the sugar and glands in their bodies produce beeswax, which is used to make beeswax comb.  The queen needs comb for laying eggs and the bees need storage space for nectar and pollen.