Here is how the package bees are “shook” into their new home.  They have been sprayed with sugar syrup, so are wet and not really able to fly.  They are also busy eating the sugar syrup.  Package bees are all very young, gentle bees and easy to work with.  You can see that I don’t even bother to make sure the gloves cover the bare skin on my arms, as the young bees have no desire to sting.  Wearing a protective veil merely keeps the bees from accidentally getting on my face, but there is little chance I would be stung.  I put the first package of bees into Colony B while Joan, my wife, watched.  She has never handled bees before, but I let her put the package bees and queen into Colony C all by herself.  I watched, in case she encountered problems, but she did just fine!  She was quite proud of her efforts, being her very first time.  As always happens with a newbie, she was awed by what she was seeing.  She now understands and has a new perspective on the amazing little world of the honey bee!!  They are no longer just those annoying, stinging “bugs.”  They are more of an almost “mystical” experience.  Joan spent time yesterday, rescuing a few bees which had been trapped in the swimming pool, while trying to get a drink of water.  She was scooping them out, watching as they dried their wings and could fly away.  She’s beginning to share their world.  Mission Accomplished!

Shaking Bees Into Hive