I received a call at 5:40 A.M. from our post office saying that my package bees had arrived!!  I had let them know they were coming and they did an excellent job of handling the bees!!  I picked them up and hardly any dead bees in the bottom of the packages.  The bees are all calm and peaceful.  All signs of proper transport and handling by the post office.  I was back home with the bees before 6 A.M.  Now, they will stay in the cool house today….out of direct sunlight…and be sprayed with sugar syrup to eat.  Later, due to the heat, I will be putting them in the Colony B hive this evening, about 7:00 P.M., after the temperature begins to drop.  Then, it’s feed….feed….feed!  This is horribly late in the season to start package bees, but with six pounds of them, good management and a lot of feeding, they should overwinter well and be ready to do their work, come Spring!