I’ve been at odds with ants and Colony A for a couple of weeks.  Ants forage for food in a similar fashion to bees and like the same sweet nectar and sugar syrup.  Large numbers of ants will demoralize a colony off bees and need to be dealt with.


The big problem here is that on the other side of my privacy fence, there is a huge honeysuckle vine.  Of course, the bees love honeysuckle, but so do ants.  And, I think the ant colony is centered in the neighbor’s yard around the honeysuckle vine.  The ants also come through and under the fence, in significant numbers to bother the bees.  I don’t like to keep killing ants, as they are merely trying to survive, as well, but they need to get their groceries somewhere other than from my bees!

Colony A With Ant Barrier

I built a small sturdy stand for Colony A and decided to move the hive up onto the stand early this morning, while it was still cool and the bees had not yet begun foraging.  I set each of the legs of the stand into small plastic containers.  I then put corn oil and vinegar in the cups, so the legs of the stand are completely surrounded.  Sort of like a moat at an old castle.  This should keep the bees free of ant visitors and encourage the ants to go find another source of food.

So, here is Colony A as of this morning, up on the stand.  You have to work pretty early in the morning now, as our temperatures are reaching the low to mid-90 degree range and it’s too hot for me to work!