With warmer temperatures in the high 80’s and low 90’s, together with good moisture, pollen and nectar are abundant.  Yesterday, Colony A was teeming with activity!  Great numbers of forager bees were entering and leaving the hive, laden with pollen and nectar.  The strength of the colony became quite apparent from the amount of activity.  I’m still feeding supplemental sugar syrup, as I want the colony to grow rapidly and the syrup is being consumed at about a pint a day.  Bees were busily working white clover in our yard and soon, the honeysuckle will be a popular foraging location, as well.  Lots and lots of pollen, as many bees return with both pollen baskets full of golden pollen.  All indications of a happy and healthy colony of bees!  Still waiting for the arrival of another 6 pounds of package bees and queen.  I’m getting very concerned, due to the lateness of the season, so when they do arrive, I’m going to have to use every method I know to build up colony strength, so a good colony emerges next Spring.