Colony A on May 27,2011

This morning we had thunderstorms, but later in the afternoon, there was sun and the foraging bees were working hard.  I decided this was a good time to make a first inspection on Colony A.  I opened the hive and the bees were so gentle!  Not a single aggressive guard bee, after a bit of sugar syrup spray with essential oil.  There are 10 frames in a hive body and the bees were working very hard to build comb on 7 frames.  So, I decided they were strong enough to add a second story to their home.  I added a hive body with 10 empty frame, so they have twice the space and can build more new comb.  I also put a Small Hive Beetle trap on the new deep, as Small Hive Beetles cause a lot of problems for bees, by eating their wax.  The beetle trap is a little plastic device that holds corn oil.  The beetles are attracted to the corn oil, fall in and are trapped.  I can check in a week or so.  Here’s a picture of Colony A with the new addition.