Plastic Frame And Foundation

Wax Foundation And Wooden Frame

Below are pictures of the type of frame and foundation I used in the second deep hive body.  I’m using a mix of beeswax sheets, plastic frame and foundation and plastic frame and foundation with larger cell pattern, which encourage the queen to lay drone (male bee) eggs.  This is done, as mites lay their eggs in drone cells and this way, the drone comb can be removed before they emerge and the mite eggs hatch.  The drone comb is bright green, so easy to spot when opening the hive.  Beeswax is a nice yellow natural color and I’m using black plastic frames for the others.  I could use black or white as the bees don’t really care.  The plastic is coated with beeswax to make it more attractive to the bees.  Plastic frame/foundation is real easy to use, is strong and durable and wax moths can’t eat it.

Plastic Drone Comb