The project for today is melting down and filtering the old beeswax comb I removed with the bees I rescued last week from the old house wall.  The first step is to put water in an old pot and get it to boil.  Then, add the old comb and let it reach the boiling point (NEVER do that over a direct flame without water in the pot!).  Once the comb has melted and boiling, I’m removing dead bees and larvae with a piece of fine mesh screen.  Now, it’s a matter of letting the beeswax cool, which allows the cleanest wax to float to the top.  I can remove the cleanest wax, add more comb and go through the process again.  Once I have moderately clean wax, I can heat it once more and filter it through nylon, removing the smaller debris.  I’ll have some nice small cakes of pure, sweet smelling beeswax.  It’s handy for lots of things around the house, including the making of cosmetics and lip balm!