I went to sleep last night, with a feeling of deep peace.  There has been a lot of chaos since last Saturday, as I’ve tried everything to save about 4,000 queenless honeybees with no brood nor comb….only fresh wax foundation.  As the sun set last night, the colony was showing complete order and activity.  In my Buddhist beliefs, all sentient creatures have the same value in the universe, whether human, animal or honeybees.  As I watched the hive and the orderly coming and going, I realized that I had somehow…maybe with nothing more than luck…saved the lives of around 4,000 sentient beings.  The balance of my karmic debt had just moved a tiny bit more toward the positive side.  I mentioned it to Joan and what I was feeling.  Although she isn’t a “Buddhist,” she shares my belief in karma and understood.  As she watched the activity in front of the hive last night, she began to feel the awe of the miniature world of honeybees that most people miss.  There is a tiny bit more harmony in the universe.  I can’t wait to see what this morning brings.